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Author: TweakerFFSub89 30 March, 2017 Uncategorized 0 comments
My biggest fantasy right now is to be someones true sex toy.Be tied up, hooded, blindfolded, restrained, unable to talk, say no,... Read more
Author: pnpBottomPDX 30 March, 2017 Uncategorized 0 comments
I'll be moving out to live on my own this summer, finally :) Going to keep my sling set up and have some spun & slutty fun a... Read more
Author: CigarPig616 24 March, 2017 Uncategorized 6 comments
Do you ever have a fantasy so dark that you want so bad but can't do
17 February, 2017 Personals / groups and sex parties 0 comments
Hi my name is Rick Steele, I am a 100% Pure Cocksucker that is selling myself for Events, Weekenders, Parties, Conventions, and ... Read more
2 January, 2017 Personals / missed connections 0 comments
Seeking a Rough Top Party Pig that can host.... Looking to my have my tight hole used and abuse but willing to used a .5 slam an... Read more
6 February, 2017 Personals / strange & unusual 0 comments
Chem slave. Own my body and use it in whatever twisTed way gets you off. Available for relocation or online slavery (online Mast... Read more
31 March, 2017
Official LA Leather Pride After Hours Party! AfterMath - March 31st 9pm-5am DJ Jack Chang direct from Germany https://soundclo... Read more
25 May, 2017
First Time....Can't wait..May 25-20, 2017  IML 2017
21 May, 2017
European boy in Vegas challenged to get at least 50 loads in one gangbang. Will be blindfolded on bed with door open. Taking all... Read more
RTP Handballers RTP Handballers / Fisting and Partying all the night long.Calling all Pigs into fisting and dildos in the RTP NC area.Let's get
London underwear/jocks/bulge play
Author: Davel63 Sex
Bulging blokes underwear, jockstrap play, speedo rubbing. Show it off and have it worshiped, stroked, licked, sucked and th
27 March, 2017Random
A cautionary tale by Shayne PatrickWritten and illustrated by Shayne PatrickAs Mayhein could recall, that day in the Meadow signaled a magical and unique day.With the sun kissing the greens on tr[...]
26 March, 2017Random
Master T. and his popper machine-   It was a typical Saturday evening. Assmaster T was playing a game, I was typing away on my laptop, working on a blog update. The typicality of the Sat[...]
26 March, 2017Random
There i was standing in a 2 man cell left by the warden and facing the grimacing face of my new cellmate, Rodney was bunked up against the wall of his bunk, with one arm behind his head and the other [...]
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