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Used by POZfetush in name ofSatan
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Cocks, Hands, Fists... they're all fine, but what about
Parks and public places
A group for guys that like to do it in public. Parks, Rest Stops, anywhere the mood takes you to get off.
This is a NO DEO, NO COLOG
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Join the group to stay up-to-date on all our events and play parties and see who else is going. share rooms and more!
whore me out to other guys bareback
Like being used and exploited by other men?. If your looking for superior men to whore your ass out
4 October, 2018 Uncategorized 0 comments
Now time is going fast. In less then a week my challenge will happen. In exactly a week from now it will be half way! It looks l... Read more
30 September, 2018 Uncategorized 0 comments
Hi Guys, Lot happened since last blog: Lost my BBRT account as I gotbanned.  Due to the loss of this account getting g... Read more
12 September, 2018 Uncategorized 0 comments
Hi guys, new update on preparation. Yesterday day I put the final ad on BBRTS. Send out mail to 78 guys who wanted to receive in... Read more
1 September, 2018 Uncategorized 0 comments
Hi guys,Been busy past week, so no real big updates. So far 53 on BBRTS, 8 on NKP, 9 on , 8 via fabguys and 12 via GR. No react... Read more
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Past week increased number of followers significantly on Twitter. Also now over 40 guys who say thery’re going to donate some of... Read more
General Info
(and Active Versas, no hungry holes please)

Dutch useless trash for ALL cocks no matter from WHAT....& WHERE. All Human liquids can be dumped in/on this human waste container. My hole is always hungry for loads. Extra Bugs and Toxic loads don’t matter, willing to share mine

Into extreme SLEAZY play. K9 as well. Private, public on cam or for vids, Complete Trash here for KINKY SLEAZY use . No permanent markings!

Use me for YOUR convenience. 1on1, groups or as your whore. It’s up to you.

Mainly In Europe, mainly weekdays


-HMU please to find a date


See EVENTS if one of my open door, walk in deposit, abuse and other scenes are scheduled. Timings/locations and main interest always indicated per Event.
Height:6'0" - 6'3" (181-190cm)
Weight:180-189 Lbs (82-85 Kgs)
Body Hair:Smooth
Cock:Large - Uncut
HIV Status:Don't Care
Position:Hungry Hole
Tags:666, satan, darkness, 88, , forced, humiliation, public, trash, filth, filming, sleazy, waste, biohazzard, performing, kinky, used
Profile Comments
  • DutchdelightBy Dutchdelight 82 Days Ago
    Would like to invite all TOPS for a HOT and sleazy event in London on Jan 22nd till 24th. Retry of October challenge! Dutch gangbangslut (me) chasing all virals in one party. In London in private dungeon. Starting Jan 22nd around 16.00 till late night/early morning Jan 24th. Non stop breeding aiming to collect all variances of bugs possible. Old loads might be injected in me as well. As sleazy as YOU want it to be! C.h.3.m.s friendly! Inclusive extensive assplay with use of available toys in Dungeon. No limits, NO refusals! Viral donations can be marked on list in room! Wanna collect them all! SAVE THE DATES and start collecting loads please! Interested let me know? Please also share with other sleazy RAW breeders you know locally and ask them to share again as well and so on as well! MANY guys needed and ALL welcome to join. Location is booked. Still looking for cameraman to film this (with consent of attendees. Else NO camera) Check (@dutchdelilc) for additional announcements regarding this Special challenge OR KIK me. KIK: toptoyholland More info on: dutchdelight.eu
  • DutchdelightBy Dutchdelight 88 Days Ago
    9 and 10 Jan 2019 Available in private Dungeon Steinbach (near FFM).for total ass abuse and . If interested I’ll send details and doorcodes including timings of availability. Find me in Dungeon, (ab) use my ass as you wish, toys in Dungeon can be used or bring your own. Please do share my details with other Satanist or active sleazy breeders and invite them to cum too. My ass may be filled with all you want. No costs involved, only Raw cum in ass mandatory. Preferably more than once. PnP welcome! Like action to be filmed (anon)
  • LeedspigBy Leedspig 390 Days Ago
    Damn... fucking horny cum whore
  • DutchdelightBy Dutchdelight 449 Days Ago
    New dates scheduled for January 2019. All in Europe. Koln, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt! See .dutchdelight.eu for wenn and where.

    (Ab)use me and breed me!
11 March, 2019
Will be blindfolded in sling at Pullermans from 18.00-21.30.Come by and use me. No need to ask, just use me and my ass. HOW? Up ... Read more
7 March, 2019
Blindfolded HnH in appartment again. This time to be used on March 7th! From 17.00 till next morning. HOW is up to the attandees... Read more
4 March, 2019
Will be blindfolded in sling at Pullermans from 18.00-21.30.Come by and use me. No need to ask, just use me and my ass. HOW? Up ... Read more
28 January, 2019
Will be blindfolded and naked in sling at Naked Night available for total group . Come to this bar, find me, fuck me, f... Read more
27 January, 2019
Will be jocked and blindfolded in Sling under stairs during PozzUP party at Dirty Dicks Amsterdam.Find me, use me, breed me! No ... Read more

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