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Author: wetboynz 12 January, 2017 PnP 0 comments
2017-01-12 23:49:34 So while at a PnP party over Christmas, I made the observation about the sub-culture forming within the... Read more
Author: FIERCEONESTL 12 January, 2017 Uncategorized 2 comments
I answered a craigslist ad from two college boys wanting to know about gay sex.  I offered to teach them about PnP and came... Read more
Author: dixto 12 January, 2017 achieving the impossible 0 comments
i think my profile and classified be the source of the introduction.Getting fucked bb and deep throating my half way goalActuall... Read more
16 January, 2017 Housing & Rentals / apartments / housing 1 comments
I am party cum whore who needs a room to rent 
16 January, 2017 Personals / groups and sex parties 0 comments
TOP muscled and looking to get bigger. The offer is simple: Looking for a big muscled dude to help me get in competiti... Read more
15 January, 2017 Personals / men seeking men 0 comments
My name is Rick Steele, I am a None Racially Biased Pig Cocksucker that lives just off I-80 Exit 126 in Western Nebraska and my ... Read more
14 January, 2017
FxCK Muscle - Video just launched! your tickets now: Read more
13 January, 2017
We are proud to announce we are joining forces with CODE to bring our legendary parties we hosted in our suite at the MAL host h... Read more
25 May, 2017
First Time....Can't wait..May 25-20, 2017  IML 2017
Author: fuklikamaniac Sex
Looking for guys that really get into it. Even phone sex if travel is too far.
Breed a Fresh young Pussyboi Fresh young tight hole available During MAL, ALL WEEKEND. Use, screw, slam and abuse him through the entire party. Blindfolded,
Clinic/Medical Staff Fucking
Author: pissorpoz Sex
I have a few friends who work in health care (clinic, hospital) are poz and been so for a long time. I have also met two doctor
16 January, 2017Random
Are you the twackerdoodle everyone refers to as, the sketchy neighbor that changes his oil at 3:00 am? Here are some basic rules all Twackerjackers should follow:#1: Don’t be friends with the shadow p[...]
14 January, 2017Random
  The Assessment It was Friday afternoon. I arrived at Boss's house all excited. My big test was this weekend and if I passed I would be allowed to cum. Just the thought of that focused m[...]
12 January, 2017Random
Amateur porn can be a lot hotter then studio porn , when its real unedited and raw and nasty ,, Have a friend that is a rare type of role/position/personality , He is a Dominate aggressive BBbottom , [...]
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