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City:New York
State:New York
Country:United States
Body Modification
This group is for people interested in body modification. Post experiences, desires, intentions.  
This Group is for total SLAVES...... and there masters looking for them .. this group is here for master or boys that are st8
Rubber Pigs
A group for pigs in rubber who like to get nasty!
Punk Guys
A group for punk and alternative guys to meet up and find other punk guys.
General Info
Headline:Bite and scratch and scream all night...
Description:⚠️ Due to VPN, this site advises users I am near them when I am not; I am in Manhattan/10036.

latex, leather, vinyl, (anything black, tight and shiny) goths, punks, skinheads, freaks, pierced guys, tattooed guys, long haired guys, stoners, skaters, jocks... essentially anyone who is not afraid to be an individual, or to be true to themselves... I'm pretty open minded and flexible when it comes to fetishes. I am fascinated to understand the workings of the psychology behind fetishes, and enjoy conversations about why people like the fetishes they like. Odds are, if you are truly into something, I will get off on the knowledge that you are getting off on it.

The obsessive-compulsive, categorized and alphabetized list:

alternative androgyne bishonen bohemian borg bosozoku bull bunny chav charver crustie cyber dark deviants eccentric emo freak fiend gamer geek glam goth grebo hardcore hippie indie industrial jock kinky longhair mansonite masochists miscreant mod morbid nerd panda pervert pigs prep pretty proll punk pup radgie raunchy raver rivethead rocker scally scene screamo skin sk8tr skater skinhead sleaze stoner surfer thug trade trash twink twunk underground vampire waif wolf zoku (any race)

tactile fetishes:
armor armour chainmail flesh fur gummi hairless kevlar latex leather leder lycra metal neoprene nitrile plastic padding PVC rubber silicone shaved skin slick smooth spandex steel swat tight underarmor vinyl waxed zentai

misc gear fetishes:
alpinestars armour armor ball-gags belts biker bmx boots buckles cages chaps chestguards chains codpieces collars contacts-(sfx) corsets cuffs dainese dildo docs down fox gags gasmasks gloves goggles guards handcuffs harnesses helmets hoods jackets jocks machines masks mascot motocross MX muzzle padding pads plugs respirators ropes shockcollar sheathes singlets slings sneakers speculum speedo straps swat tape tactical underarmour wetsuits white-out-lenses wraps

misc kinks:
bodmod bukkake cum feet foreskin ink intense-eyes longhair modification mohawk muscle odor pierced piercing poppers scent septums shaved smell sweat tattoos uncut unusual-hair-styles

asphyxiation BD biting bondage bondage breath captivity caressing control CBT chastity cuddling dehumanisation denial deprivation discipline dog edging electro enclosure feeding fingering flogging forced-breath humiliation icing / iceplay kissing licking milking mummification nipple-play olfactophilia puppy sensation play sensory-deprivation SM smell snogging snuggling sucking suffocation teasing torture TT wax waxing whipping worship

dislikes / turn offs:
addicts beards cigars coprophilia diapers emetophilia ephebophilia facial hair formicophilia hebophilia meth moustaches mysophilia nazi nepiophilia paedophilia racism scat vomit vorarephilia zoophelia zoosadism, sideburns which are just too much like mutton chops, very hairy guys (I'm not into gorillas- man invented razors for a reason,) baby play, (sorry-I don’t like kids, so I am not likely to find an adult who wants to be an infant sexually appealing,) people without integrity, those suffering from ego-centrism, and those who feel that they know what is best for me... I also have a pet peeve against people who's first language is English, yet who can not manage to communicate with any context or grammar.

random things which make a guy attractive to me:
intelligence and passion, guys who are courteous and polite outside of the bedroom and who are perverted and sleazy in the bedroom, long hair, guys who get dressed up in gear to have sex, mohawks, tattoos, guys who's sweat smells good, piercings, androgynous guys, guys who look a bit like trailer trash, guys who appear clean cut and vanilla but are not, femboys, masculine guys, guys with white SFX contact lenses, guyliner, guys who can cum two or three times without a break, guys who beg to be fucked, rockstars, dark skinned boys, the musky smell of a sweaty cock, pretty boys, guys who shave their junk, guys in black lipstick, and so much more...

???? Not interested if you are into PNP, Nazi 44/88 bullshit, Believe that Satan is somehow your driving force, or cant form a cohesive thought in your message.
Height:5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
Weight:180-189 Lbs (82-85 Kgs)
Body Hair:Shaved
Cock:Large - Cut
HIV Status:Negative
Drugs:No Answer
Position:Angry Top
Tags:latex, goth, rubber, gothic, longhair, androgyny, PVC, vinyl, sneakers, boots, emo, punk, rocker, rockstar, vampire, breathplay, breathcontrol

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