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Author: ken80 20 January, 2017 Uncategorized 0 comments
I totally fogot to write it down.  From 2016 to 2017 during count down, I was sucking a cock with one of my Pig bud. We set... Read more
Author: DragonMoonHP 17 January, 2017 Ask Uncle Dragon 1 comments
If you are part of a relationship; whether a new one, a marriage, a life partnerships for same genders, different types of frien... Read more
Author: wetboynz 12 January, 2017 PnP 0 comments
2017-01-12 23:49:34 So while at a PnP party over Christmas, I made the observation about the sub-culture forming within the... Read more
22 January, 2017 Personals / men seeking men 0 comments
Anonymous Cum Dump - Enfield Lock EN3 6AP UK. Looking 4 Toxic Poz Loads in my Tight Neg Ass!Are you Toxic enough to overcom... Read more
22 January, 2017 Personals / groups and sex parties 0 comments
Neg bottom looking for a Poz Top/Dad to groom him to surrender his neg hole. Ideally I'd love to find someone that would want to... Read more
22 January, 2017 Personals / men seeking men 0 comments
I am looking to get my Tight Hungry Hole breed preferably Anonymously by Toxic Poz Fuckers though will take all loads.You can br... Read more
14 January, 2017
FxCK Muscle - Video just launched! your tickets now: Read more
13 January, 2017
We are proud to announce we are joining forces with CODE to bring our legendary parties we hosted in our suite at the MAL host h... Read more
25 May, 2017
First Time....Can't wait..May 25-20, 2017  IML 2017
Chat & porn via Wire / Threema
Author: slam_muc Sex
Give a short shout which messengers you are using (preferred are Wire & Threema) and let people know what you are into.I sug
Small vs. Big for wrestling
Author: Brute Sex
Looking for Short Masculine Muscle, Athletic type studs to wrestle big muscle fuck head, no hold bar straight man on man action,
Author: BlowBoi Sex
This group is for Men that have Huge Cocks that enjoy Breeding Willing Throats and Deepthroat Cocksuckers that have bottomless T
22 January, 2017Random
I was hungry, filthy dirty and out of luck as well as money....I needed a job..any job. As I walked the country was hard to be aware of the beauty that had always appealed to me while my st[...]
19 January, 2017Random
Several weeks had past since I did meet the first time online with Kurt en Jeroen, the 2 blokes from Amsterdam, who would be willing to help me to try baresex and chems.   During the last weeks w[...]
19 January, 2017Random
Was posting an add on a chatsite recently that i did want to try chems and bare with some eager tops to show me the ropes.   Been lately watching some chemsporn on PH, and i must say it turns me [...]
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