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Author: fuckinhoe 24 May, 2017 Uncategorized 0 comments
will come over and meet slam and be used by you the way your abt
Author: analboy44256 20 May, 2017 Uncategorized 0 comments
Taken from my blog at is a new tech... Read more
Author: slammedsubuk 19 May, 2017 Uncategorized 0 comments
London Bottom looking for 121 sessions with a real top bloke- Not in FF OR TOYS - sorry guys but my ass hole is for flesh o... Read more
25 May, 2017 Personals / groups and sex parties 0 comments
......many rough dom tops who can administer shots to him with another guy at the same time while on camera with the address rig... Read more
25 May, 2017 Personals / groups and sex parties 0 comments
Couple of weeks off work. In need of cock & cum. Message me if you're up for dumping your load in me
25 May, 2017 Personals / groups and sex parties 0 comments
come suck my cock In Nw DC. north of the Zoo.
9 June, 2017
MACHO - Pride Los Angeles Afterhours Fri Night June 9th 9pm-5am SWITCH ROLES! CELEBRATE A NIGHT OF SEXUAL VERSATILITY! Giveawa... Read more
12 May, 2017
MACHO - NKP Party May 12 North Hollywood #MACHO is back! Join us all the hole month of May it's gonna get hot & sweaty with th... Read more
24 June, 2017
hi im from ireland and im trying to see if any lads are intrested in an outdoor session in mud if  so feel free to contact ... Read more
Slam Berlin
Author: Bln-passiv Sex
Wäre es nicht geil sich hier zu gemeinsamen Flügen verabreden zu können?
sissy bottom sexy boy
Author: FemMexBtm Sex
come over and use me like a little girl 
Brighton slammers
Author: Rjohnny Sex
BB, Slam, point and have fun.
22 May, 2017Random
I’ve been a frequent visitor to a well known Sauna in Birmingham UK.  Up to four years ago I’d been playing it relatively safe.   Four years ago I took the plunge and signed up to BBRT [...]
14 May, 2017Random
Machine Shop- They Ruined Analboys rectumAnalboy felt his rectal muscles contract as the enormous phallus withdrew the eight inches of it's length that had been buried in his open asshole. He drew in [...]
12 May, 2017Random
WIDE Part 2Wide part end ended withLets leave it there get you nice and loose for a good fisting, In a couple hours, your not allowed to cum until I’m punching the shit out of your asshole. Wi[...]
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