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January 29, 2016
United Kingdom, London, My Hotel
Hi guys, im in London 29th Jan for the weekend, Im looking for guys to help bug up my hole.  No STI refused.  Premier Inn, Waterloo. Group of breeders or anon cum and dump in me is cool...
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November 5, 2018
Germany, Munich, Bayer strasse
Organizing  hot, sleazy breeding gangbang on November 5th  in a Hotel in centrum Munchen. This time the challenge is to receive ALL possible BUGS.  I'll take as many Loads as possible and all BUGS can be marked on a list in room. (DiscreetY if required). You can see to which mix you add your load and bugs immediately. Make me Toxic!  Extrem CUMpig here!
This hole will be WET and for ALL tops. Very Chems- friendly!
Tools to make donations more intens like cruel condoms, butholes, penisextenders, toothbruses etc might  be used to mix the cocktail.Pre-saved loads can be brought as well. Either inserted frozen, via Funnel or Injected. Just bring whatever you can get/save upfront. Please do track number and mix to tally on the lists in room as well. 

During this event I will surely receive my 1000nd load of 2018, which was my set target for the year. The person donating load 1000, will get a special surprise. Either same night or day after!! 
This is one of my sleaziest fantasies ever and will be first time working with the “gift”list.
People who know me, know that I’m totally genuine tough. This will happen!

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March 25, 2019
Netherlands, Everywhere, You decide
Whole day to be (ab)used the way YOU want and by WHO you want, where YOU want! You rule! Kinky sleazy pig with innocent look available to use for Toxic exchange, recharge, bug sharing, slam, assplay, etc, etc.
Toxic guys to front of the line! 
Think out of the box on how you wanna use me or let me be used please! Use me to realise your Pornfantasy!!. Sleazy as can be!Public , cam, foto and/or vid performance all OK.
NL only! 
First one with sleazy and interesting proposal, may arrange the day. I can/will help getting day organised if requested. 
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